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    HVAC Contractor in Centennial, COCoffman & Company is a heating and cooling contractor that you can trust with the details of any type of job in Centennial, CO. The HVAC services offered by a professional can keep your Arapahoe County home warm throughout the winter months and cool in the summer. The Centennial Center Park is a great place to spend an afternoon. For shopping, the Streets at South Glen provide an array of shops and restaurants. To learn more about the heritage of the area, a visit to the 17 Mile House Farm Park is in order.

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    Centennial’s Furnace Repair Experts

    If you suspect that there’s an issue with your Centennial heater, the technicians from Coffman & Company will be able to take care of it. We have the skills needed to diagnose the cause of any issue and will give you a cost estimate to review and approve. Our heating repairs will be done in a highly meticulous manner so that they stand the test of time. Whether your heater is making strange noises or not turning on at all, it’s best to have a professional perform the repair. We’ll be able to restore your heater to its full functionality.

    Reliable AC repairs in Centennial

    A Reliable Air Conditioning ContractorIf your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Coffman & Company is an AC company dedicated to getting every cooling repair in Centennial done right the first time. We’ll diagnose the cause of the problem correctly and give you an estimate for the repair before we start. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance for situations that need immediate attention.

    Trustworthy HVAC Installations

    When it’s time to get a new air conditioner installed or time to replace the heater in your Centennial home, the technicians from Coffman & Company can make sure that the job goes smoothly. Most heaters will operate reliably for about 10 years before wear and tear on parts will cause them to start having issues. A new heater could lower your energy bills and save you a lot of money in the long run. We can help you choose a unit that’s properly sized for your specific heating needs. Everything will be installed properly so that your new unit can operate flawlessly. You’ll receive training on how to care for your new heater.

    We can also offer sound advice about which make and model of cooling system would be right for your needs. Everything will be installed using high-quality parts and materials, and we’ll show you how to operate your new air conditioner, too.

    Benefits of Annual Heating Maintenance

    An annual furnace tune-up could benefit any type of heater you have in your home. Our technicians will perform a thorough assessment of the state of your heater and answer any of your questions about it. We’ll be able to alert you to any hidden issues that need to be addressed before they turn into anything more serious in the future.

    There are many tasks performed during a heating tune-up:

    • Cleaning off the heating coil
    • Inspecting the burner
    • Lubricating motors and moving parts
    • Cleaning and tightening electrical connections

    Centennial AC Maintenance Exerts

    Getting an annual tune-up for your air conditioner can allow you to have complete peace of mind about the functionality of your system. Technicians will perform an array of adjustments to ensure that everything is working together and maintained properly. They’ll give you a thorough assessment of the state of your unit when the cooling tune-up is done.

    There are many tasks performed during a cooling tune-up:
    • Cleaning off the evaporator and condenser coils
    • Lubricating motors and other moving parts
    • Testing safety systems
    • Checking refrigerant levels
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    We want to be the HVAC company you trust to care for your heating and cooling needs throughout your system’s lifetime. To find out more about the high-quality HVAC services that we offer in the area, give our office a call today.