Heat pump installation in Centennial, CO, offers households an energy-efficient way to heat and cool their homes. At Coffman & Company, we field questions every day from curious homeowners interested in learning more about this technology.

    Whether you need heat pump service or information about how heat pumps work, we have solutions. In this post, you’ll learn more about why a heat pump offers superior indoor temperature control and the best way to care for your heat pump.

    Heat Pump Installation in Centennial

    A heat pump is a highly eco-friendly HVAC solution for your home. According to a UC Davis study, heat pumps emit approximately 40% less carbon dioxide emissions than gas furnaces. What makes a heat pump even more energy efficient is that it doesn’t generate heat.

    Instead, it transfers heat from the house in the summer to keep it cool and into the house in the winter to make it warm. The transfer process uses far less energy, and it’s reflected in your energy bills.

    Another reason more households choose heat pump installation is its ability to keep indoor temperatures steady. Heat pumps operate continuously at a fixed low level, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. You might think a constantly running heat pump would cost more to operate.

    However, it costs more when furnaces or air conditioners kick on and off throughout the day. To get the most energy efficiency out of your heat pump, set it to a comfortable temperature and leave the thermostat alone. Constantly messing with the thermostat can negate the benefits.

    Heat pumps have fewer mechanical parts, which makes them easier to maintain. They require fewer repairs, too. That’s not to say you won’t ever have to repair a heat pump. They can break down. Fortunately, you can save money on heat pump repairs by recognizing the signs of a problem.

    Here are some signs you need heat pump repair services:
    • Poor airflow
    • Inconsistent heating and cooling
    • Failure to switch modes
    • Rising utility bills
    • Strange sounds or smells

    If you notice any of the above issues with your heat pump, getting prompt service can save you money and protect your heat pump from further problems.

    Top-Rated Heat Pump Service

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