Do you wish to improve your home’s indoor air quality in Centennial, CO? Coffman & Company, your local home comfort specialists, are here for you! Our professionally trained techs will test your indoor air and determine the level of pollution and contaminants in your indoor air. Then, we develop a solution that can include a better filter or installing an indoor air purifier to work alongside your existing heating and cooling system.

    Clean Air

    The EPA estimates that the indoor air quality (IAQ) in some homes may be up to five times more contaminated than the air outside – even in a big city like Denver. Mildew and mold, pollen, bacteria, and pet hair can all make your IAQ worse and may even make your home smell bad. But, our air purification solutions attack the source of bad indoor air quality and fix it.

    Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Centennial

    AllergiesDo you notice that the people and pets in your home get sick more often? Is someone’s asthma getting worse, or does your home smell bad? Your IAQ can be the culprit. Mold spores, pollen and dust, from the outside, smoke, and bacteria can all create unpleasant odors in your home. And, these all contribute to poor indoor air quality, too. The right solution is a whole-home air purifier, using UV-C lights to sterilize the air. The UV-C lamps are safe for use in the home and work by breaking down disease-causing viruses and bacteria at the molecular level and removing them from the air. The purification system and the filter trap all the pollutants so that your air is breathable.

    Air purifiers can have a lot of benefits for your indoor air quality, including:
    • Remove viruses and bacteria from the air
    • Mitigate allergy symptoms
    • Make your home smell better
    • Remove hazardous mold spores and mildew from your air

    Regular IAQ testing and air purifier maintenance from Coffman & Company can ensure that your air purification system works as it should.

    Reliable Solutions For Better IAQ

    24 Hours ServiceSince 1983, customers in Centennial and the Denver metro area have been counting on Coffman & Company for all their home heating and cooling needs, from furnaces and air conditioners to whole-home air purification systems. We’re a locally operated HVAC company with just one goal: making sure that you’re comfortable. We complete regular professional training, including factory training for all our heating and cooling technicians and installers, so that we can work on any type of HVAC equipment. And, we offer 24-hour emergency service, too!

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