Experienced IAQ Service Providers in Aurora, CO and surrounding areas

At Coffman & Company, we’re ready to improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home. We understand that poor air quality can lead to asthma issues and sickness. That’s why we keep our services accessible.

We charge reasonable prices for all of our IAQ work. By being flexible with our availability, we can accommodate your scheduling needs.

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We have a reputation for:
  • Having qualified technicians
  • Being fully licensed
  • Using quality products
  • Offering comprehensive services

We can perform a variety of tests to determine the quality of the air in your home. Our company is run with a high level of integrity. We always keep the customer’s interests in mind.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Aurora and surrounding areas

The quality of your air could be affected by dirt in your ductwork, chemicals in your home, or a poor filtration system. Thankfully, we can offer sound advice on how to improve the health of the air that’s circulating in your home. We work with a variety of filters and technologically advanced products that can remove harmful bacteria or particles from the air.

Friendly technicians will:
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Work efficiently
  • Communicate their findings effectively
  • Treat you and your property respectfully

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We want our customers to have peace of mind about the air that they’re breathing in their homes. All of our work is done meticulously, and we’ll make sure we don’t miss anything.

IAQ Improvement Options

Coffman & Company can take the stress out of IAQ testing by offering comprehensive services. We’ll be punctual to all of our appointments and prepared with all of the tools needed for the job.

Coffman & Company also offers indoor air quality service in:

Humidity in Your Home

Denver is considered a semi-arid climate but with how often we run our heat in the mountain air, the air inside our homes often becomes uncomfortable for people, pets, and even pianos! Dry air is responsible for all sorts of things, from mildly annoying static electricity that collects from simply walking across a room, to really expensive property damage. It can even make you more likely to become sick or escalate any existing health problems. The good news is that with whole-home humidifiers, we can take control of our air quality and avoid many of these issues presented by Denver’s mountain air in the winter.

Dry air extracts moisture from various objects in your home and even your body. This means hardwood floors, furniture, and wooden instruments are all vulnerable to degradation due to the quality of indoor air. Over time, these items become more brittle and cracked, making them unusable. On the other end of the spectrum, too much moisture can rot and warp wood which makes a whole-home humidifier superior to a single room humidifier that is more likely to put too much moisture in the air.

Why Humidify? Your Indoor Air with Coffman & Company

Properly humidified air reduces the likelihood of this property damage and gives your eyes, nose, and throat a more comfortable environment, too! While dry air dehydrates your skin, eyes, nose, and throat and can occasionally cause cracked skin that is more susceptible to germs and infection, the right humidity keeps your nose and throat healthier and better able to protect against asthma flares or the transmission of airborne viruses and colds. Even your pets will appreciate clean, controlled indoor air! Coffman & Company sells a range of Humidifiers to address your specific humidity needs at home.

At Coffman & Company, we proudly offer the following services:
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Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we give each job our complete attention. We’ll never cut any corners.