2020 Rebate Summary

Colorado Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Xcel Energy

Rebate areaQualifiersRebateMore information
Evaporative coolersStandard cooler$300

Rebate can’t be more than total cost.

1Premium unit with 3 ducts or more, and at least one of them new, is needed to qualify for the $1,200 rebate.

Premium cooler$675
Multi-ducted premium cooler1$1,200
Standard efficiency AC/ASHP with Quality Installation (QI)Under 15 SEER and 12.5 EER$300

The rebate is paid according to the lesser value of the SEER/EER. Example: A system with 16 SEER and 12 EER will receive a $300 rebate.

New, matched indoor and outdoor components, a TXV, and an AHRI certificate are required.
SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
AC = Air Conditioner
ASHP = Air Source Heat Pump
AHRI = Air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration

High efficiency AC/ASHP with Quality Installation (QI)15+ SEER and 12.5+ EER$500
Furnaces95% AFUE$300Only new furnaces located on ahridirectory.org qualify for a rebate.
AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency