Mini Split Air ConditionersWould you like to find out more about a mini-split in Centennial, CO? Perhaps your existing AC system has seen better days and is in need of replacement. Or maybe you’re looking to create cooling zones throughout your home. Whatever your need for ductless air conditioning, our team has you covered.

    The problem with traditional AC systems is that they can only deliver one temperature throughout your home. With a mini-split installation, on the other hand, each unit has its own thermostat and is able to deliver its own temperature setting. That means you can have it cooler in your bedroom than in the main living area and vice versa.

    Find Out More About a Mini-Split in Centennial

    If you’re considering upgrading to a mini-split in Centennial, you’re in good company! More and more homeowners are switching to mini-split systems and experiencing the many benefits of ductless air conditioning. In some older homes where ducts and vents are not possible, mini-split air conditioner systems are the perfect solution. They provide efficient and dependable cooling and are the perfect replacement for older and less efficient cooling systems. Our HVAC technicians will work closely with you to learn which rooms need cooling the most and the best placement for your mini-split units.

    For example, if the front of your home receives sunshine and heat all day, we may recommend you have a mini-split installed in that area. We’ll ensure you get the best from your system throughout your home.

    Here are some reasons to choose our mini-splits over a traditional system:
    • More control over your cooling
    • Create individual cooling zones
    • Reduce energy costs
    • Smaller compact units

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    We’ve been providing expertise in mini-split systems for years and helping homeowners with their HVAC installations since 1983. Our goal is always to provide our customers with outstanding service, and we’ll always go the extra mile to make you happy. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your cooling system, our team would love to tell you more about the benefits of ductless air conditioning and why it could be the best choice for your home. Let us recommend and install the perfect system for you today.

    Call the team at Coffman & Company today to find out more about the benefits of a mini-split in Centennial and how we can improve your comfort. We’re ready to tell you all about the benefits and the cost savings.
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