Mini Split Air ConditionersIf you’re looking for a creative cooling solution, a mini-split air conditioner in Lakewood, CO could be the perfect fit. These AC units provide direct cooling in places where ductwork isn’t desirable or available and make a great alternative to window and portable AC. They can serve a single room or several, up to four rooms per outdoor condenser unit. Since mini-splits cool rooms individually using a wall-mounted distribution head with advanced controls, you can manage your energy use.

    Mini-Split Air Conditioner Experts in Lakewood

    Available in stylish wall-mount units and other configurations, mini-splits provide cool air circulated within a single room. They use small refrigerant lines run through each room’s wall instead of ductwork. The distribution head provides advanced controls such as thermostat-managed fan speed, motion-sensing cooling, and remote controls. That’s in addition to basic thermostat and timer functions. Lines can be run to up to four rooms per condenser unit. Mini-split air conditioners can cool your new addition, in-law apartment, or home office. They can also be used to cool a garage or workshop separately from your home.

    Mini-split air conditioners give homeowners more choices about cooling their homes, they’re an alternative to running ductwork throughout the home. Some homeowners with aging ductwork that needs replacing choose to install ductless air conditioning instead. From attic bedrooms to finished basements, if you’re repurposing spaces in your home ductless AC can make cooling them easier. Ask your experienced HVAC professionals how it can help you meet your comfort goals!

    Advantages of a mini-split air conditioner include:
    • Highly efficient central unit
    • Scalable to use multiple central units
    • Serves multiple rooms from a single unit
    • Much less invasive installation than ductwork
    • Sophisticated controls in each room
    • Avoid security risks of window units

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    Your Experienced Mini-Split Professionals

    With over 35 years of experience serving Lakewood and the Front Range area, Coffman & Company provides HVAC and a range of home services and equipment along with expert advice and information. We’re experts in Carrier HVAC products and provide heating and cooling service for all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners including repairs and maintenance. We’re focused on customer service, with fair and affordable pricing. As a company, we treat both our employees and customers right. The results are in – our customers love us, and many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. Let us provide you with installation, maintenance, and repair of mini-split systems and other HVAC equipment, including 24/7 emergency service if needed.

    Does mini-split cooling sound like the perfect solution for your comfort needs in Lakewood? Call Coffman & Company today!
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