Mini Split Air ConditionersYou don’t need to tie up window space to have ductless air conditioning in Broomfield, CO. A mini-split system serves one or more rooms from a central condenser unit outside, running small refrigerant lines to a fan and sophisticated control head inside. It’s an attractive and versatile cooling solution that cools effectively without ductwork, for a single room or a whole house. Mini-split air conditioners fit challenging architectural designs and offer add-on cooling for spaces like in-law apartments, workshops, or home offices.

    Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Broomfield

    Sleek, wall-mounted units provide efficient cooling in each room served by a mini-split system, fed from outside through the outside wall rather than traditional ductwork inside the home. For homes with older ductwork that needs replacing, ductless is also an excellent alternative. It’s an attractive way to provide air conditioning to a single space, multiple rooms, or a whole house. Perfect for garage workshops and outbuildings, ductless is also an independent way to cool in-law apartments or home offices without cooling the whole house.

    For Broomfield homes where architectural considerations preclude running ductwork internally, a mini-split air conditioner can be a long-sought solution for comfort. Ductless air conditioning operates as an efficient condenser unit outside, much like traditional central air, refrigerant is run directly to each room served, where distribution heads provide air handling. These are small, sophisticated units with features like motion sensing, remote control, and temperature-sensing variable speed fans as well as individual thermostats for perfect, individual room comfort. Straightforward to install and maintain, mini-splits are a popular alternative to whole-house cooling!

    Advantages of ductless air conditioning include:
    • Much less invasive installation than ductwork
    • Highly efficient central unit
    • Serves multiple rooms from a single unit
    • Scalable to use multiple central units
    • Sophisticated controls in each room
    • Avoid security risks of window units

    Fixing Ductless

    Your Mini-Split Experts

    Serving the Denver Metro area including Broomfield, Coffman & Company offers a team of HVAC and home services experts bringing you top quality products including mini-splits from Carrier and other manufacturers. We’ve been serving the area for over 35 years, emphasizing customer service and fair and affordable pricing. As a family-oriented heating and cooling company, we’ve retained many team members for over 20 years. They enjoy getting to know our customers as they provide installation, maintenance and repair services along with 24/7 emergency service over the years. Our energy consultants spend the time to ensure that you get the right products and comfort solutions for your needs, at the right price.

    Could ductless air conditioning be the comfort solution you’ve been looking for in Broomfield? Call Coffman & Company today!
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