Turn to us for indoor air quality in Arvada, CO. Coffman & Company is all you need for your home comfort needs, including IAQ improvement and air purification. We work with your specific needs to create an indoor air quality solution that’s right for you, keeping your budget in mind. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, residential air quality can be more than 5 times worse than outdoor air!

    Clean Air

    If you didn’t think your indoor air could be polluted, think again. Mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and airborne bacteria contribute to your house’s polluted air. Poor indoor air quality doesn’t just affect your family’s health. Pets, too, can get sick, and, depending on what’s in your air, your paint and wallpaper can get damaged, too. Trust Coffman & Company for your IAQ solution!

    Making Your Arvada Home’s Indoor Air Quality Better

    AllergiesIs it harder to breathe in your house than at work or outdoors? Your indoor air may be making you sick. Book an indoor air quality testing and assessment from Coffman & Company. We let you know what we find, such as mold and mildew, excessive pet hair and dander, or viruses and bacteria. Then, we help develop a solution with you to fix it! You may need better air filters or a complete home air purification system. An indoor air purifier is connected to your home’s existing heating and cooling system, and as the air is pushed through that system, it’s filtered and disinfected using UV-C lighting.

    Improved indoor air quality can have many benefits. Home air purifiers may be able to:
    • Remove disease-causing bacteria from the air
    • Reduce the severity allergy symptoms
    • Make your house smell better
    • Remove hazardous mold spores from your air

    Home air purification systems are the best ways to improve air quality, attacking the causes of polluted indoor air at the source. With regular IAQ testing from the Coffman & Company techs, you can take steps to adjust your air purification system as needed.

    Coffman & Company also offers indoor air quality service in:

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    24 Hours ServiceFor over 35 years, Coffman & Company has been delivering exceptional home comfort for customers in Arvada and the greater Denver area. All of our HVAC technicians and installers have advanced training on all major brands and models of indoor air purification systems and HVAC equipment. Technology may have changed since we opened our doors, but our commitment to our community and our customers hasn’t. We offer flexible appointment scheduling, competitive financing for approved customers, and 24-hour emergency service. We’re there when you need us most!

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