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    Furnace Repair in Lakewood, COTo avoid having to bundle up when it’s cold, get timely heater repair in Lakewood, CO. If you fail to repair your unit as soon as you notice that there’s a problem, the problem can spread and worsen to the point where you’re spending a lot more on repairs. But, that’s not even the worst part. If you fail to repair your unit in a timely manner, the damage may become irreparable or even irreversible. Even if you repair the unit, it may no longer function as efficiently as before.

    Timely heating repair can reduce the likelihood that you’ll be faced with high repair costs, and will also greatly shorten the repair time, so you may experience fewer service disruptions. Our HVAC technicians will come inspect your heating unit and provide you with a detailed analysis on what’s wrong. Common problems that most people run into include a faulty or damaged thermostat, a dirty pilot light, a cracked heat exchanger, cracks in the unit, a clogged or dirty air filter and a malfunctioning or frayed blower belt.

    When to Call Us for Heater Repair

    Your unit will be significantly more efficient if you call us for furnace repair the moment that you notice that something is off. If you call us over the phone and describe the symptoms, we may have an idea of what the problem is. As a result, our team might even bring in the right parts to fix the problem, so we don’t have to make an extra trip and so you don’t have to wait!

    Before your unit breaks down completely, it will usually alert you with several different signs. If you keep an eye on your unit, you’ll be able to easily catch minor problems before they have a chance to worsen.

    When to Call Us for Furnace Repair

    Some of the signs that you should look out for include:
    • Difficulties turning unit on or off
    • Odd, strange noises during operation
    • Abnormal odors and smells
    • Cold spots in the room
    • Water leaks and stains around unit

    You can also keep an eye on your energy bills. They will usually start to rise when trouble starts to brew.

    Trusted Heating Repair in Lakewood

    Get complete peace of mind with Coffman & Company. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and only use high-quality parts and professional tools. We are locally-operated, and our team treats each of our customers like family. Our main goal is to build relationships that last! Most importantly, we offer transparent, upfront pricing and will never tack on any hidden fees to the bill.

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    For fast, reliable and affordable furnace repair, heating maintenance, and heater installation in Lakewood, give Coffman & Company a call today! We also offer reliable AC repair – call today!