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    Get a heater replacement in Lakewood, CO, if your current unit is approaching the end of its life. An older unit may be less efficient and use more energy. It may also contain more dust and allergens, which can greatly affect indoor air quality. New units typically have more features as well. If you are interested in a new heater installation or are not sure whether it’s time to say goodbye to your existing unit, reach out to Coffman & Company for more information.

    In general, we recommend a new heating installation once your furnace surpasses 15 years of age. You also need a new furnace if you notice that the furnace needs more and more repairs with time or if the cost of the repairs are increasing. At some point in time, it is much more worth it to replace your furnace than to pay for the repairs, especially since other things will likely break down after. Other signs that you need to replace your furnace is if you notice a drop in efficiency regardless of heating maintenance and furnace repairs.

    Benefits of New Heater Replacement

    There are many different types of furnaces and heating systems that can go well with your home. Our HVAC contractors will conduct a preliminary evaluation to gauge your household’s needs and better understand what may work for your home. From there, we can try to figure out which type of features may be a better fit and what you’re going to get the most value out of.

    Getting a new furnace may be one of the best things that you can do for your home. Some of the benefits of a new furnace installation in Lakewood include:
    • Higher comfort and quality of living
    • Better overall airflow
    • Lower energy bills
    • Boost in overall efficiency and performance

    Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

    Reliable Heating Installation in Lakewood

    Founded in 1983, Coffman & Company has delivered expert services to tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We aim to please and will always go out of our way to deliver superior services and outstanding workmanship at a fair and affordable price. Our team also receives ongoing training so we can complete every project properly and perfectly the first time. We work with high-quality products and will always have your best interests in mind. More importantly, we offer great deals and even financing with approved credit. All our results are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and you can always trust us to be as transparent as possible.

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    If you are looking for a reliable, affordable furnace replacement or AC replacement in Lakewood, reach out to Coffman & Company today! We’d be more than happy to help!