worker fixing HVAC unitWhen it comes to AC maintenance in Wheat Ridge, CO, you need the experts at Coffman & Company on your side. Having a reliable AC unit is a must if you want to make it through the summer heat. Many people don’t think to call in a professional until their AC is showing signs of trouble. However, you can prevent many of these problems in the first place by calling for an AC tune-up.

    This can help you avoid the costs of major repairs and ensure your unit is working at its best. Investing in AC maintenance will give you peace of mind, knowing you’re ready to face the warmer months. It can also help you save considerable money over time.

    Benefits of AC Maintenance

    Your AC can develop many issues over time. This is true of any AC unit, regardless of how much it cost. Even quality parts will wear out as time goes on. If you keep on pushing your unit on hot days with worn parts, it can lead to serious mechanical failure. This means a significant repair cost and the inconvenience of losing AC when you really need it. Calling for maintenance can help you prevent these kinds of issues.

    We will thoroughly check your unit and ensure you’re ready for the next heat wave. Sometimes, something as simple as swapping a small part or tightening a connection can save you from a complete breakdown. We will also test critical components such as your blower motor and fan and perform any necessary lubrication. We use the best possible quality if we have to swap any parts. We respect your time and arrive punctually for all maintenance checks. We get the job done quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality.

    An AC tune-up is an upfront investment that can pay off long-term in a variety of ways. It can ensure your unit is running at optimal energy efficiency. This is good news for your monthly energy bills. It also can extend your unit’s lifespan, meaning more time before you need a replacement. It also helps you avoid the costs of major repairs. This is why an annual air conditioner maintenance call should be part of any homeowner’s yearly budget.

    An AC tune-up in Wheat Ridge involves many tasks, including:
    • Inspecting the system
    • Replacing the filter
    • Checking your thermostat
    • Ensuring optimal refrigerant level
    • Removing dust and debris

    It’s best to call us for air conditioner maintenance in the early spring. This way, if there are any problems, we can resolve them before the temperatures climb. We perform maintenance on all makes and models!

    AC-Tune Up in Wheat Ridge

    At Coffman & Company, air conditioner maintenance is one of our specialties. We’ve been providing quality AC services to local homeowners since 1983. We go above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with each job. Our NATE-certified AC technicians are ready to ensure your comfort this summer.

    When looking for AC maintenance in Wheat Ridge, call Coffman & Company for the quality services you need.

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    Not looking for an AC tune-up? We also offer expert AC repair, AC installation, and furnace maintenance services.

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