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    AC Company in Wheat RidgeWhen temperatures climb to the 90s, Coffman & Company is happy to keep our Wheat Ridge, CO, customers cool. Our AC company has served Jefferson County and the surrounding neighborhoods with top-notch cooling services since 1983. That’s over 35 years of friendly, affordable service! Why are we unique? In addition to the long years of service, many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. We’re the most trusted AC contractor in Wheat Ridge, and we work hard to keep you comfortable.

    Other ways we stand out:
    • NATE-certified technicians
    • Have served tens of thousands of customers
    • Service and repair all makes and models
    • Fair, affordable services

    Quality AC Repairs in Wheat Ridge

    When your air conditioner breaks down on the hottest day of the year, we’ll be there! Our NATE-certified AC technicians have years of experience here in Wheat Ridge and know just what to do. We’re a family-oriented AC company that strives to put our customers’ satisfaction first. So, we’ll repair your AC and let you know exactly what you should do to prevent future breakdowns.

    Quality AC Repairs in Wheat RidgeThere are many problems your AC could face, and as a top AC contractor, we’ve seen just about every issue. Whether it’s a problem with your thermostat, a refrigerant leak or even dirty condenser coils, our technicians can identify the problem and start on the repairs.

    Other possible AC problems:
    • Capacitor issues
    • Corroded evaporator coils
    • Worn-out contactor
    • Thermostat issues
    • Breaker/fuse issues
    • Drainage problems
    • Dirty filters

    Reliable Wheat Ridge AC Installations

    When facing expensive repairs or after about 15 years, it may be time to retire your old AC. We can help you choose the right replacement for your Wheat Ridge home. Our technicians will look at both the size and layout of your home and pick an energy-efficient unit for you. Our technicians stay current with cooling units, so you’ll also get an environmentally friendly unit as well. We offer replacements as well as first-time AC installations.

    Purchasing a new air conditioner can be pricey, but we can help with the cost! We offer financing on approved credit. Check out the financing section of our website to see the specifics of how we can help you save.

    Dependable AC Maintenance

    Maintaining your AC is crucial if you want to extend its lifespan. You’ll also save money over the years, as your AC won’t need as many repairs. Our technicians in Wheat Ridge are methodical and thorough. They’ll inspect everything to make sure your AC is prepared for the summer. We’re a top AC contractor, and our goal is to ensure your AC has no dangerous gas leaks or loose electrical connections. Our technicians can also replace any worn-out parts.

    Cooling isn’t the only service we offer to our customers. We also offer a full range of highly trusted heating services.

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