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    AC Company in Broomfield, CO Coffman & Company is a locally operated AC company serving Broomfield, CO. We have been in business since 1983. Our success comes from our emphasis on customer service, quality service, fair prices, and valuing our employees. We’re a top air conditioning contractor that you can always rely on. With the warm summers in Broomfield, you want to keep your AC running to stay comfortable inside. That’s why having our experienced and reliable team on your side is a great choice when you need service.

    Benefits of choosing us:
    • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Available 24/7 for repairs
    • Transparent pricing
    • NATE-certified technicians
    • Financing options available on approved credit

    Bromfield’s Best AC Company for Repairs

    After being in the industry for so long, we are familiar with all makes and models. We also know how to fix any problem, regardless of its complexity. As a professional air conditioning contractor in Broomfield, we show up on time, prepared to service your cooling unit. We want to repair your AC it as quickly as possible because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

    Bromfield's Best AC Company for Repairs

    Common AC problems:
    • Frozen evaporator coil
    • Fan failure
    • No cold air
    • Water leak
    • Refrigerant leak

    You should always have your air conditioner fixed promptly even if the problem only seems like a minor nuisance. There could be serious damage inside of the system, and AC issues worsen over time. You need to contact a repair company if your AC makes strange noises, emits bad smells or has another problem. High energy bills are another scenario in which you should have an air conditioning contractor in Broomfield inspect your system.

    Experienced AC Installation in Broomfield

    We have a variety of air conditioning systems to suit different home layouts and sizes. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured, so you don’t have to worry about liability. When we remove your old AC, we properly dispose of it for you. If this is the first AC installation for your home, we can take on the job, too.

    We can help you choose the right system for your home in Broomfield. The construction of your home makes a difference in what type of AC is best. After installing your new AC, we clean up the mess and let you know how to care for the system.

    Expert AC Maintenance Service

    Our technicians methodically inspect your air conditioning system during a AC maintenance call. By catching problems early on, we prevent bigger air conditioning issues from developing. Other benefits of regular tune-ups for your AC are cheaper energy bills and more effective cooling of the home. In Broomfield, your AC should be maintained on an annual basis. We recommend scheduling maintenance in spring to prepare the system for summer.

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    We’re a year-round comfort company. We also offer trusted mini split AC and heating services!