June 20, 2022
Soundproof HVAC in Aurora, CO

Are you tired of hearing your HVAC unit running all the time and can’t seem to get rid of its noise? If so, soundproofing your HVAC unit may be the solution for you. Soundproofing your HVAC unit is a great way to keep the noise down in your home or office. There are a few different ways that you can soundproof your HVAC unit.

1. Use Soundproof Materials

Unsealed gaps and cracks around your HVAC unit can allow noise to escape. By using soundproof materials, you can block these gaps and reduce the amount of noise that you hear while your unit is operating. Some great soundproofing materials include:

  • Mass loaded vinyl
  • Acoustic foam
  • Soundproof blankets
  • Fibreglass

These materials will block the noise from escaping, but they will also absorb the sound, making it more bearable to live with.

2. Repair Your Ducts and Vents

Damaged ducts and vents are a common cause of HVAC system noise, and they also make it more difficult for your HVAC unit to operate efficiently. We recommend checking your ducts and vents frequently to identify any damage. If you find any, repair them as soon as possible.

Duct and vents repairs may include adding insulation, sealing cracks and gaps, or replacing damaged parts. The repairs will depend on the severity of the damage. If the damage is significant, we recommend that you hire a professional to repair your ducts and vents.

3. Upgrade the HVAC System

Your HVAC could be noisy because it is old and outdated. If your unit is more than 15 years old, it may be time to upgrade to a newer, quieter model. Newer HVAC units are designed with noise reduction in mind.

Outdated technology is not the only reason to upgrade your HVAC unit. Newer, more energy-efficient models will also save you money on your energy bills. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce noise and save money, upgrading your HVAC unit is a great option.

4. Use Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducts are designed to flex and absorb sound, making your HVAC unit much quieter. The bendy material reduces sound leaks and the amount of noise that escapes. Rigid metal makes a lot of noise when air causes it to move, but the malleable material that flexible ducts are made of moves with the air.

Use flexible ducts made of materials that are good at absorbing sound. These materials include fiberglass, mineral wool and polyurethane. Ducts made from poor sound absorbers, such as PVC or aluminum, will not be as effective at soundproofing your HVAC unit.

5. Install Sound Baffles

Sound baffles are devices that are installed in the ductwork to reduce noise. They work by absorbing sound and reducing the amount of noise that escapes. They increase the length of sound waves, which gives the sound more time to dissipate. This makes your HVAC unit much quieter.

There are two types of sound baffles: reflectors and absorbers. Reflectors work by reflecting sound into the ductwork. Absorbers work by absorbing the sound and reducing the amount of noise that escapes. The choice of reflector or absorber will depend on the severity of the noise. For best results, lay a flexible duct on a crooked path and seal the edges.

6. Use Liners to Insulate Ducts

Lining the ductwork with insulation is another effective way to soundproof your HVAC unit. Liners contain insulation that helps to reduce noise. When sound hits an uninsulated duct, it vibrates the metal. The vibrations travel through the metal and escape as noise. By lining the ductwork with insulation, you reduce the amount of noise that escapes. The insulation also makes it harder for sound to travel through the ductwork.

Duct liners are made to withstand high temperatures, so they will not overheat your HVAC unit. They are also easy to install. The double-sided liner has an adhesive that helps to hold it in place. It prevents flowing air from blowing insulation material.
There are two types of duct liners: foil-faced and non-faced. Foil-faced duct liners have a layer of aluminum foil that reflects heat and sound. Non-faced duct liners do not have this layer. We recommend using a foil-faced liner for best results.

If you’re looking for ways to soundproof your HVAC unit in the Aurora area, Coffman & Company can help. We offer a range of HVAC services, from duct and vent repairs to upgrading your HVAC system. We can also install sound baffles and liners to help reduce noise. Contact Coffman & Company today to learn more about our soundproofing services.

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