Commercial Air ConditioningAs an HVAC contractor in Highlands Ranch, CO, we understand the importance of year-round interior climate control. After all, we’ve been in this business since 1935, and in that time, we’ve assisted thousands of satisfied local customers. When you require the services of a heating and cooling contractor for installation, repair, or maintenance, reach out to us at Coffman & Company.

    HVAC Repairs in Highlands Ranch

    Similar to any other electrical or mechanical device, heating and cooling units are likely to malfunction at some time. The older the components, the greater the likelihood that a mishap will occur. There are a number of telltale signs that an HVAC system requires professional intervention.

    Contact our HVAC company should one or more of the following symptoms develop:
    • Decreased airflow
    • Inappropriate air temperature
    • Unusual noise during operation
    • Drastic change in utility bills
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    Reduced airflow typically suggests a blocked air duct, but a malfunctioning compressor might require repair or replacement. Air conditioning units not cooling or furnaces not heating air are sure signs of trouble. A variety of aging or worn components might be the cause. Grinding, scraping, or squealing noises heard when a system runs may indicate a loose belt or a broken piece of hardware that needs attention. Rising utility bills could mean an HVAC system malfunction. In any of these scenarios, professional repairs are probably in order.

    Highlands Ranch HVAC Contractor Installation

    As a heating and cooling contractor, we commonly install systems in newly constructed homes and buildings. However, we also do a great deal of this work for homeowners or businesses ready to upgrade their current HVAC equipment. It’s best to do so before the system reaches the end of its expected lifespan. Air conditioners, furnaces, or heat pumps start losing efficiency after a decade of service. Constant problems and repair needs also indicate it’s time to consider replacement. Cooling and heating appliances available today offer greater efficiency while requiring less energy.

    The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

    Whether you have brand-new heating and cooling equipment or older units, routine maintenance is essential. Scheduling an annual inspection and tune-up with a certified heating and cooling contractor ensures that these systems continue functioning at an optimal level. Any anomalies noted during this assessment can get corrected before they eventually become more costly repairs down the road.

    Our HVAC technicians will thoroughly evaluate your systems to ensure proper operation. They’ll clean the equipment, lubricate moving parts, tighten electrical connections, and calibrate the thermostat. Checking the coolant level or gas pressure ensures that units can regulate air temperature properly. This sort of annual professional tune-up is usually a manufacturer’s requirement to keep your warranty valid.

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