hvac carrier unitIf you’re looking for a trusted HVAC contractor in Brighton, CO, Coffman & Company is the one to call. Investing in quality HVAC services is essential to get the most out of your heating and cooling. This is why you should rely on Coffman & Company. We’ve been serving as a local heating and cooling contractor since 1983. Customer service is our first priority. Our NATE-certified technicians are ready to deliver all the services you need for year-long comfort.

    HVAC Contractor in Brighton: Repair

    If you’re having issues with your HVAC system, you should never put off calling a professional heating and cooling contractor. Some HVAC issues are obvious right away, such as a furnace or AC that won’t switch on. However, any slight decrease in performance is something to take very seriously. Putting off HVAC repairs can result in a costlier problem later and greater inconvenience. This can lead to losing heat or cooling completely or having to replace your system altogether.

    These are just a few signs you need an HVAC company in Brighton for repair.
    • Poor airflow
    • Energy bills are higher than normal
    • Banging, scraping, or other unusual noises
    • Fuel smells or other unpleasant odors
    • Unit takes too long to heat or cool
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    Heating and Cooling Replacement

    After all the wear and tear your HVAC system receives, it’s inevitable that problems will develop eventually. After the ten-year mark, it may not be wise to invest in continued repairs. Instead, you may want to look into heating and cooling replacement. Our technicians can offer the guidance you need if you’re choosing between repair and replacement. With a new unit installed, you can count on superior comfort with fewer issues. You can also benefit from updated features and superior energy efficiency. Give yourself peace of mind going into any season by investing in a brand-new heating and cooling system.

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    Benefits of Routine HVAC Maintenance

    To be sure your HVAC system is ready for all temperatures, invest in routine maintenance. An annual tune-up for your heating and cooling can prevent many major issues. Our technicians will check for worn parts and make sure your system isn’t clogged by dust and debris. We will look for developing issues and make sure they’re dealt with quickly and effectively. Routine maintenance helps you save money by avoiding major repair costs and extends your unit’s lifespan.

    It also keeps your system as energy-efficient as possible. This makes heating and cooling maintenance a must for any homeowner. Be sure to have your heating checked in the early fall. Schedule AC maintenance in the early spring.

    The next time you need a qualified HVAC contractor in Brighton, be sure to call the experts at Coffman & Company.