July 15, 2022
AC install in Aurora, CO

Do you think it might be time to replace the heating and cooling equipment in your home? Constantly repairing an old unit is a waste of time and money, so it can be costly to wait to purchase a newer model.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of variables to consider before replacement. If your existing system is still doing its job somewhat reliably, it’s understandable that you might prefer to keep it for another few years. Here’s what you should know about the best time to replace your unit.

The Best Time to Replace a Functional HVAC Unit

Have you been using the system for at least 12 years? At some point, the average heating and cooling system will begin to have more problems because of wear and tear. While some problems might be small in scope, they often lead to bigger issues that are expensive to fix. Getting a system replacement is a good idea if you’re having to fork out money to cover frequent repairs.

It’s important to be realistic about the situation. Sometimes, professional repairs can’t improve a system that’s on its last legs. By putting off your installation project, you’re missing out on the amazing benefits that come with the latest HVAC technology.

Increase Your Savings

Upgrade your HVAC system if you want lower energy bills. Modern technology enables you to regulate indoor conditions in a cost-effective way. Therefore, it’s easier now to find a high-efficiency replacement for your house. Whether you opt for a two-stage system or a variable-speed model, you can save more money than you may realize by upgrading.

Save Yourself From Further Inconvenience

Are you tired of worrying about what might go wrong with an outdated system? This is a good reason to change how you heat and cool your residence. With a newer HVAC unit up and running, we’re sure that you’ll be at ease as the outdoor temperature soars or drops. We can say this with confidence because you’ll have what you need to create and maintain a pleasant indoor atmosphere throughout the year. On top of that, you’ll avoid the common frustrations that stem from using an unreliable system. At Coffman & Company, we carry and install the top HVAC products on the market.

Nothing is stopping you from replacing your unit during any season. However, it’s more beneficial to work on your heating and cooling installation at certain times of the year.

Make a Change in the Fall or Spring

Having your HVAC system replaced in the middle of summer or winter may not be a fun experience for you. Typically, it’s in your best interest to schedule an HVAC installation service when the weather is temperate. Spring in Wheat Ridge is between mid-April and early June. Fall is between mid-September and mid-November. These two seasons give you the best opportunity to fulfill your comfort goals.

Reap the Benefits of Scheduling During the Off-Season

It’s less stressful and more rewarding to get things done when you’re less likely to need your HVAC system. That’s why the off-season is ideal for new installation projects. You’ll have greater peace of mind because you won’t have to bear the brunt of summer heat or cold winter nights. You also won’t feel rushed to find a replacement. The feeling of desperation is powerful enough to make you hire a disreputable contractor. You may even accept the least favorable quote to get your new heating and cooling equipment installed.

The Help You Need Is Around the Corner

Generally, most HVAC companies are less busy during the off-season. We lend a helping hand to property owners throughout the year, but our services are mostly in high demand from mid-June to early September. Also, locals in Wheat Ridge keep us active in the winter months. You’ll receive a prompt solution from us whenever you request one.

You won’t regret turning to Coffman & Company for assistance with your HVAC system. We take care of customers in Wheat Ridge
and the surrounding areas. Our NATE-certified technicians will make an extra effort to exceed your expectations with our high level of service. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for your heating and cooling system, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at our locally owned and operated company. Call us today to get more information or to schedule an estimate with our friendly staff.

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