May 20, 2024
Preparing Your Colorado Home for Summer: Air Filter Replacement

Getting your air conditioner ready for the heat of Colorado summer is essential to staying comfortable this season. Your AC works hard through the hottest summer temps, so you’ll need to take some preventative steps to keep the unit running and ensure comfort all season long.

Homeowner AC Maintenance

You should leave the majority of HVAC maintenance tasks to trained technicians. However, there are a couple of tasks you can tackle alone to boost the efficiency of your system and improve the air quality in your home.

Change Air Filters

Your air filter helps stop dust, dirt, and other allergens from getting into the system and circulating around your home. Change your air filters at least once every three months to prevent clogging and overworking your machine. Air filters come in a variety of MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, ratings that indicate the type of particles they can catch. Check what your system’s manufacturer recommends. For example, most manufacturers advise against using HEPA filters because their fine filter matter can hinder airflow.

Clean Your Unit

Your air conditioning system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. Make sure that the area 2 feet around the outdoor unit, as well as its top, is clear of debris.

Professional Maintenance Checklist

Aside from the simple tasks of air filters and gentle cleaning, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to help you finish getting your system ready for the summer heat. Our expert technicians recommend you schedule routine maintenance annually to keep your machine running optimally. During the maintenance visit, you can expect to see your technician doing the following.

Visual Inspection

The first step of the maintenance visit is to inspect the machine. Your technician will visually inspect the parts and components of the unit, looking for signs of damage and excessive wear and tear. This inspection helps identify damaged or faulty parts and lowers the risk of further damage.

In addition to visual inspection, the technician will run your AC to check for odd smells and sounds. Your machine should be relatively quiet when running. Loud banging noises should be assessed and repaired. You should never smell anything from the machine or the vents. Any odors should be cause for further investigation.

Clean Condensate Drain

Your AC creates moisture that can cause damage to your machine if left to sit inside or near the AC. The condensate drain carries water safely away from your air conditioner. The technician will clear debris from in and around the drain to ensure it is not clogged and that water can run freely and safely away from the unit.

Check Electrical Connections

The technician will inspect your system’s electrical components, ensuring the wiring and cords are connected securely and safely. Damaged, loose, or frayed wiring should be replaced immediately to reduce the risk of shock, electrical fires, and power surges.

Check Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant inside your AC helps create cold air for your home. The technician will check the refrigerant level in your unit and top it off if needed. An extremely low level could indicate a leak.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Some moving parts inside your air conditioner require lubrication to reduce friction. As a result, this minimizes wear and tear, letting the parts do their job for a longer period of time.

Test Safety Features

Most modern heating and cooling units have built-in safety mechanisms that stop your machine from operating when a malfunction occurs. The technician will test these safety features to ensure they work as they should. If a safety control is not functioning, you should schedule repairs immediately and refrain from using your air conditioner until repairs are made.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

When given a little extra care and attention, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently. When you neglect your heating and cooling units, they may begin to use more energy to provide the same comfort inside your home. In turn, you’ll potentially even see your utility bills go down a bit.

Better Air Quality

Keeping your unit clean and maintained leads to better indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and other contaminants from the system. The air filters are the top defense against dust and contaminants, so it is crucial that these are changed regularly. In addition, the technician will wipe clean the inside components of your machine, removing excess dust and dirt to keep it out of your ducts and vents.

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