October 13, 2021
Thermostatic Expansion Valve in Wheat Ridge, CO

Your air conditioning system is made up of various components, and each element plays a crucial role in ensuring your system is running efficiently. Your air conditioning system is highly dependent on refrigerants when it comes to cooling your home. The refrigerant works to absorb the heat in your home hence allowing for the distribution of cool air around your home. A thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) or thermal expansion valve is responsible for controlling the amount of refrigerant released into your system based on the temperature set on your thermostat. The TXV, therefore, ensures only the necessary amount of refrigerant is used. Below are some benefits of the thermostatic expansion valve.

Saves You Money

Purchasing a system that has a thermostatic expansion valve saves you money over time because your air conditioner will use the necessary amount of refrigerant. This will also optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency, which goes a long way in ensuring your energy bills are always reasonable. Having a highly efficient system also prevents it from getting overburdened. A system that uses more energy is more likely to break down compared to a system using the right amount of energy. You will therefore have to carry out frequent air conditioner repairs, which means more expenses. Adding an expansion valve to your cooling system or replacing your old model with a new one can help you avoid these extra expenses.

Helps Protect Your Compressor

Your system may send too much refrigerant to the compressor, resulting in the compressor getting damaged. An expansion valve helps your system avoid such instances as it exerts control over how the refrigerant flows. This will therefore reduce the chances of refrigerant causing damage to the compressor and, in turn, saves you the money you could have spent on compressor repairs or replacement.

Reduces the Impact on the Environment

An expansion valve boosts the efficiency of your HVAC system, and this does not only protect you from high energy bills. Your system using less energy for cooling your home means that the impact on the environment will also diminish. This is, therefore, a good way to conserve energy.

High Responsiveness

Having a thermal expansion valve allows your system to have a fast response. Once you adjust the air conditioner’s temperature on the thermostat, the changes will promptly register on the system. This allows your environment to achieve comfortable temperatures quickly.

Helps Maintain Proper Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant levels in your AC system may be too low, making it difficult for the system to satisfy your cooling needs. Poor installation or a leak could result in such an issue. However, a leak is less likely to affect your system’s performance negatively if you have a thermal expansion valve. This is because the valve will help maintain the necessary refrigerant levels making the leak have a lesser effect on your comfort. If you suspect your system is leaking, you should contact our specialist immediately. You should also avoid trying to fix the issue yourself, as refrigerant can be dangerous to your health.

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Enhances Temperature Control

For people that enjoy very specific temperature levels, a thermal expansion valve will come in handy in your quest to achieve your comfort. The expansion valve allows you to control the amount of refrigerant that will flow through the air conditioning system. You, therefore, have control over the temperature your AC achieves.

Provides Consistent Temperatures

A thermal expansion valve allows your system to maintain temperatures throughout your home with consistency compared to systems that lack the expansion valve. This is because the expansion valve design will enable it to react to the cooling needs of your home.

Boosts Your System’s Efficiency

The primary reason a thermal expansion valve is recommended is that it boosts the efficiency of your system. Your system will perform more efficiently while helping you save money over the years to come. If you wish to install a new system, our team will guide you on the system that will work best for you and then handle the installation professionally.

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