July 26, 2021
AC Efficiency in Aurora, CO

At Coffman & Company, we help Aurora families stay comfortable throughout the year. Our technicians are always ready to keep your home cool during the summer months. However, you do not need to call on an expert for every aspect of your cooling system. If you want to get the most from your air conditioner, there are several steps you can take to increase its efficiency and reliability.

Protect It in the Off-Season

You may not think about your air conditioner during the cold Colorado winters, but caring for it in the off-season will give you better performance when summer arrives. When the equipment is not in operation, cover the outdoor components with a waterproof tarp. This practice prevents the buildup of dust and pollen in the condenser.

You also want to check the insulation around the coolant pipes. The elements will wear the pipe covers down with time and lower the unit’s efficiency. Fortunately, this insulation is not very expensive, and covering the pipes is a simple operation.

Keep the Condenser Clean

Check the area around the condenser several times before and during the cooling season. Air conditioner efficiency is all about airflow. Leaves, weeds, and branches can block parts of the condenser and make it work harder.

Replace the Air Filter

It is also important to maximize airflow inside your home. The filter for your heating and cooling systems traps hair and dust particles to keep your system running smoothly. However, when these impurities coat the filter, it is difficult for the system to draw air efficiently.

You can expect to change your filter once every three months. However, you should take a look at it monthly. Shedding pets or high pollen counts may make it necessary to switch it out sooner.

Get an Annual Tune-Up

The team at Coffman & Company knows the importance of regular maintenance for Aurora air conditioners. The vibrations of normal operation can loosen connections and throw off the settings of your system. At the same time, dust buildup makes the condenser coils less effective. At an annual tune-up, our technicians will thoroughly examine the system and fix these problems. You will enter the cooling season with confidence knowing that your equipment is ready.

Keep It Running for the Whole Season

Temperatures can vary a great deal during summers in Colorado. Some homeowners think they should only run their cooling equipment on the warmest days. However, the best strategy is to keep the system running throughout the summer. Holding a constant temperature requires less work than making the system reduce the indoor temperature every hot day.

Close Vents in Unused Rooms

While you want to keep the main living spaces at a consistent temperature, you may not want to cool rooms that are not in use. You can close the vents of less occupied areas and the doors of empty rooms. Your system will not have to work as hard to deliver a comfortable temperature in the main living areas.

The placement of your thermostats is another consideration for your air conditioning strategy. An active thermostat in a room with a closed vent will make your system work overtime as it calls for cool air. If you have a thermostat in an unused zone, you can set it to a higher temperature so that it is not regularly calling on the system.

Update Your System

Even the best air conditioner can only last so long. If your equipment is over 10 years old, improving the efficiency of your cooling system may mean replacing the system altogether. Home comfort technology gets better every year, and the air conditioner you buy today will be far more efficient than the one you purchased a decade ago. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they see the reduced utility bills that come with up-to-date equipment.

At Coffman & Company, we have replaced hundreds of air conditioners in the Aurora area. When you contact us, we will assess your cooling needs to give you a system with enough power to keep your home comfortable. Our team will expertly install your equipment and make certain it is running properly.

Your Full-Service Cooling Company

Coffman & Company is the crew Aurora trusts for air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. We can also help you with heating, plumbing, and indoor air quality services. If you are looking for a company to keep you comfortable in every season, contact Coffman & Company today.

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